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Victor Considerant, un fouriériste en politique ?
Victor Considerant, a Fourierist in Politics ?

Chantal Guillaume  |  2008 / n° 19 |  décembre 2008


Considerant was not just the curator of the Fourierist doctrine. This becomes obvious when one examines his work or his political commitment in the light of XIXth Century historical turmoils. He tried to usher fourierism into politics by making it consistent with the exigencies of the newborn Republic. His phalansterian socialism, whose specificities need to be grasped, was part and parcel of the political struggle of his times. Thus his analyses eventually bear witness to the difficulty of finding the right « socialist formula », of adapting theory to practice, of formulating a political theory adjusting to social experience.

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Notions : Démocratie - Election - Politique - Socialisme

Personnes : Considerant, Victor

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GUILLAUME Chantal , « Victor Considerant, un fouriériste en politique ?. Victor Considerant, a Fourierist in Politics ?  », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 2008 / n° 19 , en ligne : (consulté le 25 février 2020).

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