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The Farce of Art

Louis Ucciani  |  2006 / n° 17 |  décembre 2006


While students are demonstrating in the streets, artists remorselessly take part in an exhibit glorifying the Prime Minister. At about the same time, the Art Press magazine features an article showing that contemporary French art inscribes itself in a litterary tradition designed as the Fourier - Roussel - Jarry Hypothesis. Fourier’s influence, as vindicated by some artists, requires that we revisit the founding texts. It is at once obvious that Fourier cannot conceive of being an artist outside a more general reflection dealing with the economy, and what he calls true and false liberalism. The artist appears to illustrate the wrongdoings of false liberalism and must expect his salvation from the advent of true liberalism, which will bring him genuine fortune and glory. Making reference to Fourier is for the contemporary artists a faked commitment as long as they fail to question their own status and do not say clearly from where they express themselves.

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Louis Ucciani

Louis Ucciani enseigne la philosophie à l’Université de Franche-Comté. Il collabore depuis leur création aux Cahiers Charles Fourier. Ses axes de recherche récents interrogent la genèse et la structure de l’art contemporain. Il a notamment publié Charles Fourier ou la peur de la raison (Paris, Kimé, 2000) ou encore de Saint-Augustin ou le livre du Moi (1998). Dernier ouvrage paru : Le geste du peintre (2003).

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