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Fourier and the Avant-Gardes

Louis Ucciani  |  1992 / n° 3 |  avril 2017


There is a link between Fourier and his political and aesthetic avant-gardes. His presence can be felt in the works of Marx, the Surrealists, the Lettrists, or the Situationists. But that link, instead of deriving from exchanges with/or a study of his works, is rather an allusive one. Reference is indeed made 10 to him, but without reading him. Besides Fourier evades any attempt to be annexed. The reason lies precisely in this failure to understand Fourier’s work. Such failure is rooted in his being a poet which, from Marx to to the Situationists, has made him immune to any criticism. Relegated in his poetical sphere, Fourier is Hegel’s antithesis. He functions as an inverted myth, that is to say not as a premiss, but as an apriorism.

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Notions : Avant-garde - Philosophie - Poésie - Situationnisme - Statue - Surréalisme

Personnes : Debord, Guy - Marx, Karl - Queneau, Raymond

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UCCIANI Louis , « Fourier and the Avant-Gardes », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 1992 / n° 3 , en ligne : (consulté le 21 mai 2022).

Louis Ucciani

Louis Ucciani enseigne la philosophie à l’Université de Franche-Comté. Il collabore depuis leur création aux Cahiers Charles Fourier. Ses axes de recherche récents interrogent la genèse et la structure de l’art contemporain. Il a notamment publié Charles Fourier ou la peur de la raison (Paris, Kimé, 2000) ou encore de Saint-Augustin ou le livre du Moi (1998). Dernier ouvrage paru : Le geste du peintre (2003).

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