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A societarian newspaper in Pernambuco : {O Progresso, 1846-1848

Georges Orsoni  |  2014 / n° 25 |  mai 2020


Though announced and discussed in La Démocratie pacifique, the publication in Pernambuco from 1846 to 1848, of the journal O Progresso, is probably the most neglected among various initiatives that aimed to spread Charles Fourier’s ideas in South America, particularly in Brazil. It was the outcome and legacy of Vauthier’s stay in Brazil as an engineer. While a provincial manager of public works he also devoted some of his time to the propaganda of Fourierist ideas. In these difficult times O Progresso endeavored to show to leaders and citizens how to go beyond appearances to change the social reality itself…

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Lieux : Belgique - Brésil - Pernambouc, Brésil

Notions : Journalisme - Presse

Personnes : Vauthier, Louis-Léger

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