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Forms of presence of Charles Fourier in Benjamin’s "Paris, Capital of the 19th Century"

Florent Perrier  |  2010 / n° 21 |  janvier 2011


The books and essays dealing with Fourier that are mentioned by Benjamin in his writings, particularly the « W » bundle of Paris, capital of the 19th Century, will be our point of departure for an investigation seeking to emphasize the place devoted to Fourier’s writings and the role played by them in the texts written by Benjamin, especially when living in exile in Paris. These « presences » of Fourier in Benjamin’s writings (from his historical presence in the study of passages, to his subversive political presence in the Collège de sociologie) throw a new light on Benjamin’s reflections informed by his unknown passion for the « sublime dreamer ». If Fourier’s theories unquestionably innervate some of Benjamin’s major writings, though often in an invisible way, the present essay intends to offer a tentative survey of these hitherto almost uncharted elective affinities, which are nevertheless full of potential promises and present a Benjamin attentive to the freedom coterminous with the absolute divergence postulated by Fourier in a larger context hostile to emancipation.

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Lieux : Paris, Seine

Personnes : Benjamin, Walter

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Florent Perrier

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