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Toward a History of Fourierism in Mauritius

Jean Fornasiero  |  2007 / n° 18 |  décembre 2007


Raymond d’Unienville’s study of the Fourierist press campaign that was conducted in Mauritius between 1846 and 1851 provides us with a rich and hitherto unpublished local source of documentation. However, in spite of the significance of this episode, which the author describes in minute detail, much remains to be said about Fourierism in Mauritius and its place in the history of Fourierism itself. For example, the study neglects to discuss an experimental phalanstery which was created in Mauritius well before the episode in question and which reveals a close link between Désiré Laverdant and Evenor Dupont, the leader of the 1846-1851 campaign. This leads us to conclude that there is scope for a wider study on the Mauritian Fourierists, their links with the École Sociétaire, and the importance of Fourierism in the turbulent social history of the island.

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Lieux : Ile Maurice

Personnes : Dupont, Evenor - D’Unienville, Raymond - Laverdant, Désiré

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FORNASIERO Jean , « Toward a History of Fourierism in Mauritius », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 2007 / n° 18 , en ligne : (consulté le 30 mars 2023).

Jean Fornasiero

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