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Victor Considerant and the Smotherings of Dahra (1845)

Jean-Claude Dubos  |  2009 / n° 20 |  février 2010


Among all the atrocities perpetrated by the French army in the course of its conquest of Algeria, only the deliberate mass smothering of the Ouled Riah tribe (about one thousand casualties, women and children included) was heard of in France. The explanations offered by Bugeaud (Le Moniteur d’Alger, July 1, 1845) led Considerant to write two overly critical leading articles in La Démocratie pacifique on July 22 and 23, notwithstanding their old friendship. As early as 1834, Fourier had written that “France exports its vandalism everywhere, witness her attitude in Algiers, which has been barbarized and martyred with small Vendées and ravages worse than might have done an army of Barbarians.”

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Lieux : Algérie

Personnes : Bugeaud - Considerant, Victor

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DUBOS Jean-Claude , « Victor Considerant and the Smotherings of Dahra (1845) », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 2009 / n° 20 , en ligne : (consulté le 6 juin 2020).

Jean-Claude Dubos

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