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An introduction to Eugene Pottier’s unpublished poems.

Gabrielle Cadier-Rey  |  2014 / n° 25 |  janvier 2015


Pottier is known as the author of The Internationale, supposedly written during the Paris Commune. The music was composed in 1888, and consequently he never heard it. Pottier was at once a poet and a small workshop owner. His poems are numerous and they reflect his ideas as well as the spirit of his time. Pottier had fourierist inclinations for some time and made accordingly some fourierist friends. Among them was Allyre Bureau who, as a musician, wrote scores for about thirty of them, either unpublished or later rewritten by Pottier himself. They are here published for the first time, as they were found in a manuscript containing scores that Allyre Bureau had taken with him to Texas and that has been preserved in the family papers.

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Notions : Art - Artistes - Musique - Poésie

Personnes : Bureau, Allyre - Pottier, Eugène

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Gabrielle Cadier-Rey

Gabrielle Cadier-Rey, agrégée et docteur en histoire contemporaine, a été maître de conférences à l’Université Paris-IV-Sorbonne pendant trente-quatre ans ; elle y a enseigné l’histoire économique, sociale et culturelle contemporaine. Son premier travail, utilisant les archives sociétaires et des papiers de famille, était consacré à son ancêtre Allyre Bureau, l’ami le plus ancien et le plus dévoué de Victor Considerant (Le fouriériste Allyre Bureau, 1810-1859, La Pensée universitaire, 1962).

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